Grounding (also known as earthing) is a practice where energy is transferred from the ground into our bodies. When we share this connection with mother nature we are ultimately being healed, revived and cleansed. This is because our vibration is raised by the heightened frequency the earth holds. 

Grounding helps us to practice being mindful. When we tune into all of our senses and really take a moment to hear, smell, see, touch & feel all that surrounds us, we are essentially being drawn back into the present time. Allowing ourselves to release anxiety’s of the past & future. 

“To live in the past, is to die in the present.”


All of these activities are best preformed outside in nature and preferably bare foot. Additionally, for them rainy days and night time rituals simply open a window so you can feel the breeze of your skin. 


Take a walk

Whether you choose walk on the grass, sand or even mud, this is the simplest of ways to provide yourself with grounding energy from the earth.

Allow the inner child to really come out to play! hug a tree, spin around in circles with your arms wide open, dance like no-ones watching. 

Mediate & Breathe

Allow yourself to be mindful of your breathing and even take a moment to control your inhales and exhales, focusing on what healing energy you need.

For example: slow, deep inhales through the nose with a forceful sigh like exhale help me to release negative thoughts & energy.

I visualise breathing in a bright white light and say “love, light & peace” and on the exhale I envision a black smoke exiting my body. Releasing what no longer serves me, stating them aloud to have power over them (I repeat this 3 times). 


Enjoying a salt bath is an effortless way to successfully restore your energy and raise your vibration. You can either create your own or shop here for natural Himalayan & Dead Sea salt blends that have been tailored to target mental and psychical healing such as anxiety, irritated skin, brain fog, stress, insomnia and more. 


Cleanse your space & yourself. Smoke cleansing shop our incense & smudges can be used to focus your intention on releasing negative energy whilst breathing in the aromas of your chosen smudge.

Also, be sure to keep your space clear! As this will help to de-clutter the mind also – allowing distractions to flow freely in and straight back out.  


Are you not sure why you feel like you do? Whether that be happy, exhausted or sad? Then if you feel up to it you should consider journalling your thoughts and feelings. I believe the more we can process and evaluate how we think and feel, the more we are in tune with our bodies, thus allowing us to connect to nature more freely. 


Why should you stay grounded? Easy! not only does grounding reduce anxiety, improve sleep, fight depression and calm stress BUT when we allow ourselves to experience that raw connection with nature, our physical health is also going to improve.

How you ask? –  Scientific research has explored grounding for inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage & chronic pain.

When we are reconnected to nature, there is an electrical conductivity exchange that functions as an immune system defence (working like antioxidants) so it is believed that through grounding we can restore the natural defences of our bodies (view study).