Simply Spiritual was created because I love to look to nature for all her healing remedies such as herbs to cure sickness, Himalayan salt to relieve aches & pains, essential oils to reduce anxiety and crystals to protect my energy.

“A walk in nature, takes the soul back home.” – Mary Davis

I believe that a lot of people have lost their connection to nature & all that she can provide and I would like to show you how to restore everyday health and well-being without the harsh chemicals.

All of our Health & Well-being products are vegan and blended with only natural and pure ingredients; so that our bodies aren’t absorbing anything it shouldn’t be.

Our products are tailored to target healing powers of different herbs, salts, crystals, incense or essential oils which come together in a blend or gift box to create a remedy best suited for you and your specific needs. 

We only use recyclable paper & packaging so there is no waste from receiving our products, you can also re-use the packaging to create your own gift box for the ones you love as there is no branding on them.

– Jessica Ann

Owner of Simply Spiritual